The Donkey Milk is a truly Elixir of Life.

It is known for millennia for its nutritional content and many other qualities in the field of Cosmetic products. Cleopatra, Egyptian Queen, and Popee, Empress of Rome, are of the most famous users.

The Donkey Milk is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids (Omega 6). The Omegas 6 improves the suppleness and the hydration of the skin, and helps to absorb the vitamins of the Donkey Milk. Minerals help to deeply clean the skin by removing the dead cells. It also stimulates cell growth.

When combined, this two properties allow a better cell renewal of the skin. Finally, the vitamins A, B2, C and E of Donkey Milk , are known to stabilise the cellular structure and for their antioxydant power.

Our Donkey Milk, like all our skincare range, is certified by ECOCERT following the very rigorous ORGANIC COSMOS standards.

We made the choice to introduce our milk FRESH in our skincare, in order to preserve all its benefits and to avoid any denaturation. Furthermore, we use a very high concentration of Donkey Milk in all our collections to ensure a better efficiency to our prooducts.


Drapeau de la France MADE IN FRANCE

  • Our Donkeys are born and breeded in France
  • We elaborate all our formulas in our own laboratory in France
  • 100 % of our products are made in France


  • With no conversion of the milk (no freeze-dry)
  • With no synthetic perfume or coloring agent
  • With no PEG or PPG
  • With no paraben or phenoxyethanol
  • With no silicone or paraffine
  • With no GMO, (genetically modified organism)
  • With no EDTA
  • With no titanium dioxide, nor sodium laureth sulfate
  • Subjected to skin tolerance tests validated by an independant organisation
  • With no test on animals


100% of our products are certified ORGANIC with the new european label COSMOS which is internationaly known and compile the existing labels : German (BDIH), French (ECOCERT), Italian (ICEA) and English (SOIL Association).

Our Donkey breeding is certified « Organic Farming »

Biologiques soins


The quality and efficiency of LEANROBIO® cosmetic products is due to a perfect balance and a perfect respect of its founding values.

All our products are elaborated by our Chemist Engineers in our laboratory, to ensure innovation and efficiency in every single formula.

The Organic Cosmetics products are often disappointing with unpleasant textures and fragrances. On the contrary, the R&D department has succeeded, despite the constraints imposed by the Organic standards, to formulate very nice products with textures and fragrances similar to traditional cosmetics.